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NEW Sunstone™ Orion™ mPulse Welder

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The Orion mPulse is a Pulse Arc welder that will have you welding in no time! With easy setup and a user friendly touch screen interface - select from one of 30 power settings, press play and conquer your first weld. Ideal for those new to permanent jewelry or are looking to travel to pop-up events.

  • Excellent value at entry price point
  • Portable for events
  • All Orion welders can be used with either 110v or 220v outlets
  • Front-facing Stylus and Ground Ports
  • 3 Ground Ports
  • Adaptive Footprint - Place horizontally or vertically 
  • 14 Software Backgrounds 
  • Undateable Software
  • 3 Year Warranty
  • Made in USA

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More About the mPulse

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For remote events, you can align the Orion mPulse's footprint with your table setup by opting to position the welder either horizontally or vertically. The power supply is integrated into the welder, simplifying cable management.


For closing jump rings and delicate chain, the Orion mPulse pulse arc welder for permanent jewelry produces a rich, smooth weld. You'll appreciate the high quality found in this welder, from the software to the stylus, all designed to offer the best welding experience possible. Your customers will notice the difference!


The Orion mPulse features Tru-Fire Technology™, significantly reducing misfires and enhancing welding consistency. The Orion mPulse is the only welder that offers advanced power precision with its Dual Zone Power Range™, allowing for more accurate power selection from 1 to 15 joules.


A digital touchscreen display makes learning and using the Orion mPulse more accessible than ever. Enhance your pop-up display with a choice of 14 exciting backgrounds.

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Included with the mPulse

What's In the Box:

  • Orion mPulse Welder with Black Stylus
  • Basic Auto Darkening Lens (ADL) with RJ45 cable
  • Power Cord
  • Alligator Clips (2)
  • Shielding Gas Hose
  • Electrodes (5x 1.0 mm)
  • Fiberglass Brush
  • Safety Guide & mPulse Users Guide

*With Articulating Microscope Welder (Only)*
(1) Orion Microscope Arm
(1) Microscope Arm Table Mount
(1) Microscope Arm Support Bar

Features & Uses
Orion mPulse

Energy | 3-30 Joules
1 weld every 2 seconds

The Orion mPulse is best for those who work primarily with demi-fine or gold-filled jewelry pieces that require a larger amount of energy to weld. The Orion mPulse has an energy range of 3 to 30 Joules (or Ws) - the higher the energy level, the larger the weld spot.

New to Permanent Jewelry?

includes everything needed to train and launch a permanent jewelry business.

Warranty & Returns

Sunstone provides a 3-year manufacturer warranty and US-based customer service.

Sunstone Protection Plan

Customers can also join the Sunstone Circle VIP customer service plan.

When you join the Sunstone Circle your new Orion mPulse is covered by a “forever warranty” and VIP customer service. 

Pair your machine with a Welding Kit & Training bundle

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