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Set your permanent jewelry business apart with our Welded Jewelry Certification (WJC). Become a welded jewelry expert with easy step-by-step instructions

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Welded Jewelry Certification

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The Welded Jewelry Certification is an affordable curriculum created by skilled instructors and welded jewelry industry experts with years of experience.

Recognized by Rio Grande, a jewelry industry expert, as part of the Rio For Schools curriculum - this course provides step-by-step instruction for everything you need to know when starting your permanent jewelry business - including welding machine setup and use, creating your first weld and pro tips and tricks to help you achieve years of learning in just hours.

Course purchase provides one single person access, please contact us for team access & pricing.

5+ hours of educational material covering key topics, see our outline below!


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WJC eCourse Content Outline

Equipping you with the knowledge of your permanent jewelry tools and machine.

- Tools
- Machine setup
- Setting up microscope
- Stylus & electrode setup
- Argon setup

Not only is it crucial to understand the mechanics of permanent jewelry, but it is also key to practice those mechanics, even before welding on a client.

- Jump ring 101
- Chain attachment
- Practicing with no client
- Machine troubleshooting

Once the foundation has been established with the fundamentals, now it's time to work with a client.

- Sizing the Client
- Cutting the Chain
- Welding onto a Client
- Jump Rings
- Chain Details
- Multiple Welds (Creating a Stack)
- Charms
- Troubleshoot

Let our years of experience and knowledge be a resource for you!

- Scrap Metal
- FAQ for Business Owners
- FAQ From Clients

The customer experience is what sets you apart from the competition. It's important to be thoughtful about the atmosphere you create.

- Welding Experience
- PJS is here for you

More Details about the WJC eCourse

Course Structure

The PJS Welded Jewelry Certification Course is self-paced, eCourse containing 5 seperate modules.

- Balanced mix of video and written content

- Contains multiple choice and short answer assessments to test comprehension

- Thoughtfully designed for all learning types to excel in permanent jewelry

Access to course material

After purchase you will recieve an email link from our learning management provider with instructions for accessing course. Please Contact Us with any difficulties or if you don't recieve email within 24hrs.

Course Availability

The WJC course is available to you immediately after purchase and is accessible online 24/7.

How to get the most out of the course

The course covers a lot of great information and training - and so we recommend watching, and re-watching as needed. Permanent jewelry takes practice - pause the modules until you're ready to move on. If purchased along with a Welding Kit we recommend watching the videos to get familiar while you wait for your kit to arrive. Once ready, set up your equipment and follow along with hands-on practice.