Starting A Permanent Jewelry Business

Add permanent jewelry to your store

We know you work super hard to build an atmosphere in your store that fits your clientele and tells the story of your brand! Retail spaces are constantly reaching for new ways to drive traffic, and we know once you have people in your space your gorgeous products will speak for themselves! A permanent jewelry kiosk could become a driver that brings new and returning clients through your door to have a unique experience that they forever tie to your beautiful space!

As a business owner, adding a permanent jewelry option to your storefront positions you as a forerunner to a fashion trend that will continue to grow over the years. And BONUS - feet in the door & buzz around your store will prove to increase sales for your boutique or salon! No matter the market, small town squares or large urban shopping spaces, permanent jewelry can succeed! We know, we’ve done it! : ) As you decide to bring this fun new concept into your space, consider us your permanent jewelry supply! Whatever your price point, our wholesale option gives you the flexibility to invest what you want on the front end, with endless potential for growth!

People Needed

The Welder

Finding the right people to join you and become the face of your brand is key to your success and growth! People who are detail oriented, friendly, and precise are the ticket! The welding process takes 10-15 minutes per person, and those moments of interaction between welder & client are what will leave the most impact!

This team of welders is trained to explain your product & pricing, find the perfect fit, and use your welding technology to permanently weld the jewelry on each client! Training to become a certified welder is an hours long process and one of the largest obstacles to overcome as you first get started yourself! We can help you with the mechanics & training of your team, and leave you the space to focus on finding the right people who carry the heart of your brand!

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