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Sunstone™ Orion™ 100c Pulse Arc Welder

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The ideal pulse arc welder for building your business at your in store location!

The cornerstone of pulse arc welders - the higher powered Orion 100c is capable of smaller welds and its broad range of Pre-Programmed metal settings take the guess work out of welding - maximizing your workflow. A highly versatile, simple to use machine, the Orion 100c comes standard with a large touchscreen interface and protective articulating microscope with 5x magnification for finer welds. Well suited for mid to larger operations with multiple staff welders or those planning for growth.

  • Greater precision for finer welds on precious metals
  • 12 Pre-Programmed Metal settings
  • Excellent for a growing business that demands quality
  • Articulating microscope allows for 1) suitable eye protection 2) an aesthetic setup and 3) more comfortable positioning for client and staff
  • All Orion welders can be used with either 110v or 220v outlets


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    More About the 100c


    The Orion 100c is best for those who offer high-quality 14k Gold or finer jewelry pieces that require greater precision and whose customers want a truly seamless look. The Orion mPulse has a wide energy range of 3 to 100 Joules (or Ws) - the higher the energy level, the larger the weld spot and visa versa.


    Energy | 3-100 Ws

    Weld Modes | 2

    Pre-Programmed Metal Settings | 12

    Dimensions | 9.25"x5.75"x6.5"

    Weight | 7.5 lbs.

    Metal Types | 14k Gold, 24k Gold, Silver, Platinum, Stainless steel, Palladium, Titanium, Brass

    Microscope Magnification | 5x

    Included with the 100c

    Orion 100c Power Supply

    Safety Guide & 100c Users Guide

    Microscope arm assembly

    Microscope Arm Mounting Hardware

    Alligator Clips

    Sheielding Gas Hose

    Electrode Vial (5 1.0 mm Electrodes)

    Fiberglass Brush


    Display | 4" Touchscreen
    Energy | 3-100 Ws
    Weld spot diameter | 0.75- 2.5mm

    Warranty & Returns

    2-year warranty

    Sunstone Protection Plan

    Pair your machine with a Welding Kit & Training bundle

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