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Lampert PUK 6 Welder

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The latest pulse arc welder available from Lampert - the PUK 6 is produced in Germany and is the most versatile, precise pulse arc welder available today. The machine preferred by Love Weld, the PUK 6 is capable of weld spots down to 0.2mm for a truly invisible weld. The small foot print and minimalistic design adds a sleek aesthetic that enhances permanent jewelry setups. 

  • Excellent for precision welds on precious metals, as well as applications requiring greater power
  • Pre-Programmed Metal Settings
  • Compatible with Love Weld™ Barely There jump rings

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More About the PUK 6


The PUK 6 is the most versatile micro arc welder and is the Love Weld recommended device. Best for the finest and most intricate welds, the PUK 6 is capable of a spot size down to 0.2mm.


Dimensions | 14.4"x7.5"x12"

Smoother weld spots with excellent weld seam

50% smaller welding spots in low power range

70% higher screen resolution for improved viewing angle

Metal Types | 14k Gold, 24k Gold, Silver, Platinum, Stainless steel, Palladium, Titanium, Brass

Developed and produced in Germany

Magnification | 10x

Included with the PUK 6
  • PUK Handpiece
  • SM6 Microscope
  • PUK Argon gas Regulator
  • Electrode Sharpener
  • Electrodes: 0.6mm, 0.8mm, 1mm
  • Alligator Clip
  • 9’ Gas Hose
  • Voltage: 110 volts
  • Frequency: 50/60Hz
  • Brand: PUK
  • Shipping Weight: 49.5 lbs (22.453kg)
  • Welding speed: up to 3 Hz
  • Charging time: .8 seconds
  • Current (min/max): 4–400a
  • Pulse (min/max): 1–34ms
Warranty & Returns

3-year warranty

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