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Where to Begin with Permanent Jewelry
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Where to Begin with Permanent Jewelry

Knowing where to begin with permanent jewelry can be the most difficult part of the process. What machine should you use? What type of chain metal is going to be the best for your customer? The goal of this blog post is to inform you on the different products we offer, explain why we would recommend a specific machine or chain type, and equip you with the knowledge needed to make an informed decision.

The Welding Machines

The welding machine is really what determines types of chain you might sell, so lets start there. The type of machine used for permanent jewelry is called a Pulse Arc Welder.  A pulse arc welder produces an energy stream, or plasma discharge, to melt metals in a concentrated spot within milliseconds - with a flash of light. Pulse Arc welders are simple to operate and require little setup. A select form of Tungsten Inert Gas (TIG) welding, Pulse arc welding uses an electrode to transfer concentrated energy to metal, creating a seamless, barely-there weld. The precision and safety of pulse arc welders makes them the perfect tool for jewelry applications - namely, 'permanent jewelry'. With a zap chains, jump rings, charms, & links are melded together for a perfect fit that lasts forever. At PJS we have four models of the Sunstone machines available currently.


The first machine we have is the Orion PJ Welder. This is one of the first machines created with Permanent Jewelry in mind. It is built for versatility, portability and accuracy! The PJ is the new industry standard. With convenient cable management and a smart energy control range suitable for most permanent jewelry applications, the Orion Pj is great for permanent jewelry pop-ups. Has increased capabilities to be able to weld Fine chain or Demi-Fine chain with ease!

The second is called the Orion mPulse. While all the pulse arc welders we carry can be utilized in a mobile fashion, this machine is going to be the most ideal for pop-up/traveling events, as it is the smallest model and the simplest to setup. There is a user-friendly touch screen with only one setting to adjust. Once your power is set, just press play, and conquer your first weld. If you are looking to sell demi-fine or gold-filled chains, this is the perfect machine for you. We have this machine with a darkening screen or a microscope available. The darkening screen provides protection for your eyes, but no magnification. The microscope is going to protect your eyes as well as give you a magnified view. This setup is ideal for anyone just getting started with their business or wanting to travel consistently.

The third machine we offer is Orion 100c. This machine is going to be ideal for anyone who needing a more precise weld. It comes pre-programed with 12 different metal settings so that you can work with either demi-fine or fine chain options. It has a large touchscreen interface and a protective articulating microscope with 5x magnification for finer welds. Ideal for mid to larger operations with multiple staff members that will be welding or those planning for growth.


The final machine is the Orion 150s. This machine is going to work best for the most precise welds. It works great with our smallest, barely there jump rings, and in turn means that if you are wanting to sell charms as an add on, the 150s is for you. Ideal for anyone who is going to be welding at a high volume and selling fine metal chains and charms.  It too is going to have the pre-programed metal settings and is capable of energy as little as 1 Joule up to 150 Joules. The microscope with 5x the magnification and eye protection will come with this machine as well.


At PJS, we carry two categories of chains, demi-fine and fine. There are many benefits to selling each type of chain.


Demi-fine, as one designer says, “is a term used by jewelry brands to describe attainable yet premium quality jewelry that sits between cheap costume jewelry and expensive fine jewelry.”* The benefit of selling demi-fine is that your customer can purchase permanent jewelry at a lower price point. We recommend an MSRP of $32.00-$48.00, depending on the cost of the chain.
The drawback of demi-fine is that it will tarnish over time. Since permanent jewelry cannot be taken off to shower, swim, or during other activities, these can tarnish or turn colors rather quickly depending on the person.


Fine chains are going to be 14k gold and above. These are going to be of higher karat of gold, so they will not tarnish or irritate the skin. The benefit of fine gold chains is that, even with the everyday wear, the chain will remain in high quality. The only care instructions are to occasionally polish with a polishing cloth. We recommend an MSRP of $100-$160, depending on the cost of the chain.
If you would like to offer charms to your client, we highly recommend only doing so if you decide to sell fine gold chains.


Charms are an amazing way to encourage add-on sales. They offer an opportunity for further customization by the client. They are going to increase the sentimentality for the client. They are also going to help increase your profit. We recommend adding charms to your product line only if you are offering fine gold chains because of the probability of the demi fine chains tarnishing over time. If a customer is going to spend even more of their dollars on charms, it is going to be in their best interest that it will last forever. We have a variety of charms at multiple price points available for purchase on our website.
If you would like get started with your permanent jewelry business, visit our pulse arc welding machine shopping page. We also have a training kit available that is going to provide you will all of the tools and accessories needed to begin.
All our chain and charm selections are available on the website as well.



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