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Sunstone™ Orion™ 100c Pulse Arc Welder

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The ideal pulse arc welder for building your business at your in store location!

The cornerstone of pulse arc welders - the higher powered Orion 100c is capable of smaller welds and its broad range of Pre-Programmed metal settings take the guess work out of welding - maximizing your workflow. A highly versatile, simple to use machine, the Orion 100c comes standard with a large touchscreen interface and protective articulating microscope with 5x magnification for finer welds. Well suited for mid to larger operations with multiple staff welders or those planning for growth.

  • Greater precision for finer welds on precious metals
  • 12 Pre-Programmed Metal settings
  • Excellent for a growing business that demands quality
  • Articulating microscope allows for 1) suitable eye protection 2) an aesthetic setup and 3) more comfortable positioning for client and staff
  • All Orion welders can be used with either 110v or 220v outlets


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    More About the 100c


    The Orion 100c is best for those who offer high-quality 14k Gold or finer jewelry pieces that require greater precision and whose customers want a truly seamless look. The Orion mPulse has a wide energy range of 3 to 100 Joules (or Ws) - the higher the energy level, the larger the weld spot and visa versa.


    Energy | 3-100 Ws

    Weld Modes | 2

    Pre-Programmed Metal Settings | 12

    Dimensions | 9.25"x5.75"x6.5"

    Weight | 7.5 lbs.

    Metal Types | 14k Gold, 24k Gold, Silver, Platinum, Stainless steel, Palladium, Titanium, Brass

    Microscope Magnification | 5x

    Included with the 100c

    (1) Safety Guide & 100c Users Guide

    (1) Orion 100c Power Supply
    (1) Microscope Arm Mounting Hardware
    (1) Welder Power Cord
    (1) Welding Stylus Hand Piece
    (1) Shutter Cable (rj45 ends)
    (1) Cross Lock Tweezers
    (2) Alligator Grounding Clips

    (5) 1mm Electrodes
    (1) Diamond Sharpening Disk
    (1) Fiberglass Brush

    (1) Pair Microscope Eye Piece
    (1) Loop Closing Pliers
    (1) Set Allen Wrenches
    (1) Shielding Gas Hose
    (1) Foot Pedal


    Display | 4" Touchscreen
    Energy | 3-100 Ws
    Weld spot diameter | 0.75- 2.5mm

    Warranty & Returns

    3-year warranty

    Sunstone Protection Plan

    Pair your machine with a Welding Kit & Training bundle

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