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Offer your customer a unique and lasting experience - in less time than a manicure.

Clients can relax across from a permanent jewelry expert (that's you) - sip bubbly, choose their chain and charms - and have a custom bracelet, necklace or anklet tailor fit and welded on with a delightful, painless spark. In 10-15 minutes customers can leave feeling fashionably adorned with a personal, forever momento - and a reminder of your outstanding care.

A permanent trend in jewelry

With over 2 BILLION views on TikTok, and a 9,900% increase in web searches, permanent jewelry is one of the most newly sought after services today.

Why the popularity? We've all experienced the heartbreak of losing a special or expensive piece of jewelry that leaves you feeling empty and bare. Permanent jewelry is often a necklace, anklet or bracelet that's applied to the wearer without a clasp, and is sealed together, forever, with a micro-welding machine. Once applied, the jewelry can only be removed by cutting it off.

Adding Permanent Jewelry to your business

Make a sound business decision - start by learning about the revenue, costs and requirements of a permanent jewelry service.

In addition to your machine purchase, with our starter kit for $399 you receive free certification training, $800 retail value of product, and support to expedite your permanent jewelry service launch in as little as 2 weeks.

Expected Revenue

Revenue projections for permanent jewelry are based on type of metal (sterling silver, gold-filled, 14k gold etc.) and sales volume. Higher quality metals can be sold at greater margin. Additonally, charms can be added on for incremental revenue.

The Welding Kit & Training bundle is a suggeested $800 retail value.

If shcheduling appointments, revenue projections for your permanent jewerly service can be estimated with bookings multiplied by average order value.

Associated Cost

Cost associated with permanent jewelry are related to the initial investment, operating expenses and optional marketing costs.

Fixed Costs

  • PJS Welding Kit & Training bundle $399
  • Welding Machine - the primary expense related to startup is purchasing a welding
    machine. PJS recommends Sunstone Orion or PUK welding machines. Welding
    range in price from $2400 to $5900.
  • Setup – at a minimum permanent jewelry requires a stable, flat working surface to place the machine and position clients for welding.

Variable Costs

  • Labor – only one individual is required to assist clients with jewelry and operate
    the welding machine.
  • Inventory – costs dependent on quality, volume and tax status. Shop PJS to view our
    supply. Inventory orders placed with PJS ship within 3-4 business days.
  • Storage – Jewelry inventory takes up very little space! We do recommend storing jewelry
    in a secure safe when not in use.


  • Marketing
  • Employee

Permanent jewelry has a few great advantages when it comes to inventory – 1) jewelry takes up very little space, keeping storage costs low and maximizing sales/sq ft, 2) jewelry doesn’t expire! 3) shipping from suppliers is inexpensive due to light weight and small packaging and 4) lead times from PJS are short and ordering is a breeze – freeing up your cash for other investments until it’s time to re-order.

Jewelry offerings can be catered to your clientele. Carry a variety of chains and charms or stick to your best movers! PJS specially curates its collection for the most
popular styles that are best for permanent jewelry - saving you time searching for the right products.

Be sure to check that your insurance provider covers fine jewelry inventory. A separate Jewelers Block policy may be needed.

Space Recommendations

It's easy to make room for permanent jewelry.

A minimum 6'x6' space is recommended to setup a flat, stable working surface to place the welding machine and allow clients to sit across from staff.

Safety | Regulation

There are currently no mandatory safety regulations, certifications or licenses required to offer permanent jewerly services. Permanent jewelry, when done correctly, is safe - however, there are risks associated with the use of a micro-welding machine. To protect your clients and staff, all safety guidelines should be followed as outlined in the Sunstone user manual for your select machine.

PJS also recommends placing a leather barrier between the client and the jewelry while welding to avoid potential injury. Additionally, PJS recommends clients sign a liability waiver prior to recieving permanent jewelry services.

Please consult your state's appropriate regulatory body to ensure compliance prior to offering permanent jewelry.

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