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Salon Owners and Managers: Increase Revenue with this Permanent Trend
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Salon Owners and Managers: Increase Revenue with this Permanent Trend

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While the trend of permanent jewelry is taking the country by storm, “permanent bracelet” has gotten 2 billion views on TikTok, and “permanent jewelry” in web search has increased by almost 10,000% in the last year, permanent jewelry is a trend that is here to stay. By making permanent jewelry a permanent fixture in your salon, pun intended, you are going to give your customers yet another reason to walk into your doors, and new customers another reason to enter your space for the first time.

While someone coming into your salon might be coming alone, permanent jewelry gives friend groups, sisters, partners, and mothers and daughters an opportunity to celebrate their relationships. All the clients have to do is select a chain, add a charm if they’d like, get it fitted perfectly to their wrists, and finally just weld it together. It’s that simple.

Permanent Jewelry Solutions is here to help you make the right decisions for your clients in regards to machine, chain, tools and even training. We are the industry experts, and we want to help you add another revenue stream to your business in as little as two weeks.

Your customer already leaves your salon feeling and looking fabulous. Why not add the sparkly cherry on top that completes the experience? Your customers will thank you for bringing permanent jewelry to them!

Visit our dedicated salon page to learn more about how to add permanent jewelry to your business.

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