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How Can Permanent Jewelry Add to Your Business?

How Can Permanent Jewelry Add to Your Business?

If you are operating a business, it is probable that you have seen the last couple of years drastically change the landscape for in person retail. Starting with the pandemic of 2020, the phrase, “unprecedented times” became the heartbeat of mainstream communication. We saw before our very eyes the supply chain be disrupted in a major way. Now, in the thick of the holiday season of 2022, we see that consumers motivation for purchases are being impacted by inflation and the rising costs of the everyday needs. It is without doubt that consumers are changing how they choose to spend their hard-earned dollars, and with that there is an opportunity. Consumer are looking to spend their dollars on an experience, a connection.

How can you, as a retailer, continue to not only drive traffic to your business, but also, increase the opportunity for the sought after connection and experience with your customers?

Permanent jewelry is a rapid growing trend that we believe is an answer to the call of the consumer. This new interactive jewelry form is where a chain is custom fit to a client, perhaps a charm is added, and is zapped together with a welding technology that is pain free and simple to learn. This new industry is unique in two ways. A customer must be present to get zapped, and this in person experience creates a magical opportunity for the business to spend 10 to 15 minutes one on one with a customer. Forever bonded jewelry often holds a sentimental value. Perhaps it’s a moment with a mother and daughter, sisters, BFFs, or partners. We have found that permanent jewelry is an enriching experience that people cherish and want to be part of.

Regardless of the type of retailer you are operating, boutique, gift shop, salon or spa, this new trend could be an experience that your customer is looking for. A permanent jewelry station requires a small footprint, and once you have a machine and product, it only takes a couple of weeks to learn how to complete the welded jewelry. 

Contact us at or visit or shop our Welding Kit & Training to learn more about how to get this opportunity in your store. PJS is here to support your permanent jewelry business.



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