The Silver Signature Refill Pack
6+ meters of 3 iconic sterling silver chains, 150 jump rings, 2 units each of 2 top performing charms. Bundled for maximum savings.
100% Sterling Silver, 100% Classic.

The Sterling Silver Signature Refill

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Tailored for artisans who strive for the perfect balance of classic style and contemporary appeal. Perfect for creating pieces that stand the test of time.
Coverage Minimum: 34 sterling silver bracelets*
Resell Value: $1577.14

6+ Meters Chain | 4 Charms | 150 Jump Rings

Included in the Bundle

We all need a top-up now and again.
Refresh on top-selling sterling silver supplies and save.

Jump Rings | 2.5mm

150 pieces of 2.5mm Jump Ring Sterling Silver

Compatible with all chains in this bundle
Compatible with all welding machines we carry

CHAIN | Paperclip, Cable, Figaro

Over 6 Meters | 240 Inches | 20 Feet

All chain will be spooled for easy display:

over 2 Meters Paperclip Chain, Sterling Silver
80 Inches
6.67 Feet
over 2 Meters of Cable Chain, Sterling Silver
80 Inches
6.67 Feet
over 2 Meters Figaro Chain, Sterling Silver
80 Inches
6.67 Feet

Coverage Minimum: 34 bracelets*

*based on North American average bracelet size of 7″

Charms | Eye Connector, Star Charm

2 of Eye Connector, Sterling

2 of Star Charm, Sterling

Compatible with all chains in this bundle

Why Do Charms Matter?

  1. Increase your average order value
  2. Provide customization options for your customer
  3. Price them right, and charms can be your highest-margin products

What metal are these chains?
All your chains and jump rings will be .925 Sterling Silver.

How quickly will my order ship?
Typically 3-4 Business Days
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Fine Print:
PJS bundles are packed and chains are cut to each order.
This means these bundles are final sale.
To view our returns and other policies, please click here.

We do not substitute styles unless the item is sold out. If sold out, we reserve the right to substitution.
Rest-assured, we will ensure you receive another best-selling style of equivalent or higher value.

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